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Tyler by the Famous San Clemente Sign by the pier


In these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever for us to band together as a community and move forward to build a stronger San Clemente. Politics should be put aside in favor of what’s truly important to us: protecting the health, safety, and quality of life of the residents of San Clemente – our Spanish Village by the Sea.

“I endorse Tyler Boden. He is committed to making San Clemente a better place to live and has been an exemplary member of our town's Human Affairs Committee. He is an outstanding choice for San Clemente City Council.”

Lori Donchak, Former Mayor, City of San Clemente

“I support Tyler Boden for city council. Tyler cares about this community and shows it through his involvement in Rotary and his participation as a City Council appointed member of the Human Affairs Committee. He has taken the time to learn about the issues that matter to the community of San Clemente.  His ability to carefully listen and then synthesize important information will be an asset to the City Council. Tyler has my vote.”

Susan Parmelee, LCSW, Executive Director, Wellness & Prevention Center

“I have known Tyler Boden since 2018 when he was selected by City Council to become a member of the Human Affairs Committee.  Tyler is a listener and takes the time to delve into issues that concern our city - meeting with stakeholders, educating himself by attending seminars and discussing issues with leaders and concerned citizens, and being a source of reason when things become heated and partisan.  Above all, Tyler is kind, and he is and will be an asset to our city.”

I hope he has your vote for City Council – he definitely has mine.

Paula Kohl, Chairperson, San Clemente Human Affairs Committee

“In this time of division, we need someone who can unite and lead.  Tyler is just that individual for me.  I have worked with Tyler in Rotary, the Human Affairs Committee for the city as well as part of a business growth organization and I have seen Tyler as someone who listens to those around him, takes responsibility and follows through, and works with a group to achieve a common goal.  His love for this city and our community has convinced me that he is the best suited for our City Council and so I endorse him 100%.”

Dr. Burton Wagner, DC, San Clemente Vitality Center


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Tyler Boden Yard Sign Graphic